Manzano “cortijos” are located on the surroundings of the artesanal village named Nijar, in a quiet and peaceful environment, at the bottom of Alhamilla mountains; over the old terraces of its orchard. Only 4 kilometres away up the mountains you can find the small village of Huebro, where one more country house, 800 metres above sea level, are opposite Cabo de Gata. Huebro´s fertile plain towards Nijar is a yard thanks to the mother irrigation channel and the large water tanks and pools, of an unmistakably arabic taste, which waters the area.

The priviledged environment of Alhamilla mountains, which look out over Nijar countryside and the sea join in a few kilometres three natural areas of an incredible turistic attractive. Cabo de Gata-Nijar nature reserve, whose beaches are 20/30 minutes away by car. Tabernas desert and Sorbas gypsum Karts are 30/40 minutes away from the beaches by car.
Furthermore, day tours to the uncomparable nature spot in the mountains from Almeria that belong to“Sierra Nevada”, cultural visits to the capital or towns such as Mojacar and Vera, on the east coast of the province.

It is a soil of deep blue skies – with more than 3500 annual sunny hours – , of shinning beaches and hidden coves/bays, transparent water and unique sea beds. Where humidity and salt mines, volcanic craters and caves, gullies/ravines and watercourses, flamingos, foxes and kestrels are mixed and live with; and where esparto, time and broom grow.

A rough scene that makes this Andalusian province the driest enclave in the mediterranean Europe. Scarce winds and rains but strong have sculpted/shaped an unmistakable profile of an impressive beauty. And at the same time, they have left a trail of evidences about their volcanic past. Minerals and metals, including gold, such as the one taken from the mines in Rodalquilar, which can still be visited nowadays.

The wide natural richness of the area let us the practice of a great variety of sports and activities regarding the enjoyment of nature. Trekking, horse or four-wheel drive vehicle routes can be combined with cultural routes, underwater diving immersions, boat trips and nautical sports. All of them can be organized from the own country houses.

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